September 20, 2021

Strategic Foresight: Systemic innovation and creation of new markets

If Apple establishes its own product category with products such as the Apple Watch 50% of the global market for smart watches or Vorwerk with the Thermomix, this is not a random product. The ability to create new markets and systematically develop innovations in new product categories is rare, but learnable. Put simply, it's like surfing. If you want to be successful, you have to be able to anticipate waves, have the necessary skills to ride the wave, be ready to use the right moment and insistently claim the window of opportunity as soon as it opens.
February 24, 2021

Historical background of Corporate Foresight

In my previous blog posts, I talked about many ways of implementing #foresight methodologies to create value and its benefits. For more than 70 years corporate foresight has been permitting organizations to lay their foundation for #future competitive advantage. This time in the new post I talked in brief about the #history of corporate foresight in 4 different phases: the birth of the field, age of #scenarios, the professionalization of methods and processes, and its organizational integration.
January 12, 2021

Using foresight for Business Model Innovation (BMI)

You have heard that you need to be ready to #change, refine and innovate your #businessmodel. You know that this is key to stay #competitive. You know that the business model needs to be different to the ones of your peers in order to yield superior #performance. You wonder how you should go about it? In my recent blog post on Business Model Innovation (BMI) I have discussed how to use the following 5 strategic foresights tools to win on BMI : - #Trend audit (assessment) - Business model stress testing - Science fiction - Forecasting #future market - and BM Wind Tunneling
January 4, 2021

Create your own market using foresight and bricolage

How do you run #businessdevelopment with no #visibility? How do you create #valuechains where there are none? How do you create new markets? In this blogpost we revisit the lessons learned from three case studies in which companies have successfully developed new businesses in extreme market conditions. Lifeshelter, Kamstrup and Arla Foods have successfully entered markets at the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid and offer inspiration for all companies that have to deal with #transformationalchange or #crisis. Learn from their experience about - How to leverage on local co-creation. - How to create sustainable #ValueChains - How to create #tailored product offerings - How to leverage on the 3Ps of #foresight to get ahead
December 23, 2020

Excerpts from AI Summit: Is Europe too late for AI

Has the #EU already lost the #AI race to the #US and #China? This is what we asked our panelists at our AI-Summit. In their view, the race is still on, but Europe should compete with its strengths and build out its role in the #AIinnovation ecosystem. Build your view by discovering what Bart De Witte, Sven Taubert, Vanessa Cann and Tanja Jovanović have to say through this second piece of the three on Excerpts from AI-Summit.
December 16, 2020

Scenario Planning and Wargaming

Have you ever wondered why, when faced with true #uncertainty your traditional strategy tools fail you? Why your #forecasts are no longer reliable? Why you are beating the #competition, but lose the #market? In this article, I have addressed the 3-key shifts needed to zoom out and adopt a new way of thinking and also discussed the 7-step prospective competitive #strategy process which we developed to help you adopt this new way of strategizing. It leverages the synergies from combining #scenarioplanning and business #wargaming
December 4, 2020

Air transport will never be the same again…

“In less than 65 days, we have returned to the flight plan levels of 65 years ago. This is extremely bitter, devastating, and painful”, Carsten Spohr, CEO, Lufthansa To get out of the biggest crisis in its history the #aviation industry it has to reinvent itself. How will it look like? When will it get out of the crisis? In this article I discuss the 4 key change drivers that you should watch.
November 12, 2020

Excerpts from AI Summit: If AI is the answer, what was the question?

AI-enabled tech foresight summit 23 September 2020, a rainy day in France, and I was peering through my computer screen into the AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit, which I had organized together with Itonics, and Rohrbeck Heger and which I had planned to attend on-site in Berlin. But with our newly acquired status as ‘covid-19 high risk area’ I had to settle in among our 600 online participants. Now a month later, I would like to share my three key insights in three blog posts: If AI is the answer, what was the question? Is Europe too late for AI? AI for all?