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[00:00] Opening Thoughts
[01:47] Meet René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy and Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair at EDHEC Business School
[03:12] How René Defines Foresight
[05:58] Does Every Company Need Foresight?
[07:58] Gartner Top Insights on Strategy and Execution in 2020
[08:26] Markets of the Future
[12:00] How to Measure Success
[14:50] Gartner Book: The Real Business of Blockchain
[15:25] Common Misconceptions
[20:40] Capitalizing on Large Bets
[24:17] Closing Thoughts

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Scenario-based Strategizing in 7 Steps

[00:00] Opening Thoughts
[01:19] Continuing with René Rohrbeck, Professor of Strategy and Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair at EDHEC Business School
[01:54] Tools to Monitor Future Changes
[07:00] Gartner Book: The Real Business of Blockchain
[07:36] The Use of a Scouting Network
[12:05] Auditing Trends
[15:00] Gartner Top Insights on Strategy and Execution in 2020
[15:26] Black Swan, Wildcard, or Unexpected Events
[18:08] Scout Networks v. Internal Networks
[20:59] The Future of Foresight
[24:31] The Relationship Between Foresight and Agile
[27:16] Closing Thoughts

How organizations can use foresight tools to drive desirable futures,
with the Institute for the Future.


[05:30] Why firms are on average poorly prepared for the future
[09:00] Evolution of Strategic Foresight from the 50s to today.
[13:00] How to ensure success of foresight in a corporate context
[16:16] Success stories
[19:00] Future FITness Index: Measuring the future preparedness capabilities of firms

[25:00] Impact of Future FITness on firm performance.
[30:20] Key capabilities
[48:00] Questions & Answers
[55:00] Needed skills
[56:40] Finding a good starting point for foresight work in firms

Online Key Note: From Foresight to Innovation and Company Success
, with TrendOne


[2:10] Performance benefits from Corporate Foresight
[3:05] Why only 1 in 5 companies believe they are ready for innovation
[6:45] How to create a common picture of the future to energise your organisation
[9:00] Installing a continuous innovation engine
[10:15] The 3Ps of Corporate Foresight
[12:50] How to get fast return on investment on foresight
[15:00] Importance of ecosystem innovation
[19:25] Tools of the Front End of Innovation
[23:30] From long scenario project to Scenario Sprints
[27:00] Future of Foresight and future tools
[31:40] Questions & Answers

Finding Opportunity in Crisis,
EDHEC Webinar


[03:20] The five phases of dealing with the current crisis
[05:20] Live poll on level of threat that participants are in
[06:45] Organizational responses: Bears vs. Ants

[09:40] Choosing your response
[12:45] Live poll on Bears vs. Ants and cyclical vs. counter-cyclical behavior
[14:35] Four steps to plan under uncertainty
[29:45] When is the right moment to start re-investing?
[31:50] Is it now the time to shift to healthcare equipment manufacturing
[33:50] How to build the right corporate sensors
[35:30] Is it a good time to study and what skills should one focus on
[37:20] Ideal time horizons for planning in crisis
[39:20] Balance between opportunistic behavior and consistent strategy
[40:56] Choosing between a robust and agile strategy
[42:20] Building resilience through scenario thinking across the organization
[42:50] How scenario thinking builds agility
[44:40] Applying scenario-based planning in governments
[46:10] Should we expect a fundamental shift
[47:35] Summary
[49:50] EDHEC Students Against the Crisis initiative