You are a scholar and wonder where research on strategic foresight is heading. This page is for you.


Past, Present and Future of Research on Corporate Foresight

There are three key avenues where you can contribute,

  1. advancing corporate foresight practices,
  2. connecting corporate foresight to strategy practice and theory,
  3. connecting corporate foresight to innovation, engineering, and R&D management practices and theory.
Read more in our 50-year review article and our article about the heritage of corporate foresight.


Corporate foresight drives Firm Performance

One of our most exciting findings in our research program is that future prepared firms enjoy on average a 33% higher profitability and a 200% higher growth rate than their less prepared peers. You can access the free article or download our benchmarking report, that also provides three key recommendations to build future preparedness.


Scenario planning and wargaming

One of our corporate partners asked us once how to prepare for rivals that are not yet visible in your industry. Here is what we came up with: Scenario planning and Wargaming

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